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Optimise Your Online Review Page

Online review sites and search engine optimization work very well with one another, and each one can greatly impact the success of your website. Review sites aid your marketing efforts by acting as an extra set of eyes and opinions to describe, rate and promote your business, and if you want to have the best online presence possible, you’ll want to ensure you’re using both tactics.


Luckily for you, you can even optimize your online review page so that it gives you the best overall chances of earning a top-notch ranking. If you want to optimize your review site, you’ll need to do the following.

Claim your business.

The absolute first thing that you must do in order to optimize your site is to claim your business on each site you want to join. As it stands, most online review sites will let anyone create a page for a business if they want to leave a review. When you claim your business, you are then put in charge of your account.

Fill out your profile.

Along with claiming your business, you’ll also want to make sure that you’re filling out your profile as thoroughly as possible. This is a great time to add a link to your website and fill your profile with the best keywords to describe your products or services.

Add photos, map and videos.

Today’s consumers are more picture-oriented, and it’s very important that you add pictures, maps and videos to your page. This way, these customers can see exactly what you have to offer and how they can easily get to your place of business. Plus, you can also add keywords to your meta tag description, which means that they can also be crawled by the search engines and produce results.

Here is a great example of an optimise listing page for a luxury holiday cottage in Dartmoor, Devon

Share information through these channels.

You don’t have to use an online review site to keep your mouth shut and just wait to thank people. Instead, why not use it like a social network and spread the word about your business. Tell those who visit your online review sites what your specials or deals are for the week. Then, reach out to those who wrote a review and offer them something special for taking the time to do that.


The more active your page, the more you’ll get crawled. This is why it’s very important for you to respond to both positive and negative reviews. The additional conversation every few days is needed to get the spiders coming back. Plus, when you use it to thank those customers for writing their review, you’re doing more than that. You’re not only thanking them for their time and dedication, but you’re also giving them a reason to come back.

To make it easier on you, think of optimizing your online review pages the same way you’d optimize your company website. You’ll want to ensure that your review page has keywords and that its promoting your company in the best popular light. If you truly want to optimize your online review site, implementing all of these tips will help you.

Jacob Smith is a small business owner and review management expert.  He recently gave tips on how to raise a business’ yelp business listing.


Things You Can Do With Your Smartphone

You’ve had your smartphone for a solid six months, you think you’re used to it, but you decide to do some exploring, anyway. During your time searching for features that you didn’t know about, you notice that you hardly knew anything about your phone, and you haven’t been using your phone to its fullest capabilities. You’re not the only one that this has happened to.

Smartphones are truly incredible technological items. They are capable of performing so many functions, many of which never get taken advantage of. With so many features to learn about and use, isn’t it about time you started maximizing your smartphone experience? Here are some amazing things that you can do with your smartphone:

Make Some Coffee

As soon as you wake up, instead of having to walk all the way downstairs to start your cup of coffee, you can start your coffee maker from your bed. There are apps and programs that will allow you to control small home appliances from your smartphone, no matter where you are. This can make your life more convenient, save you a lot of time and make your mornings go a lot smoother.

Turn Your Lights Off

When you leave your house and you remember that you forgot to turn your lights off, you get that sick feeling in your stomach, realizing that you’re going to have to pay a small fortune for your energy bill. If you’re a smartphone owner, you won’t have to worry about that anymore. Apps are available to let you turn your lights off from your office, car, or anywhere you get service. With a smartphone, you will most definitely improve your delicate energy management.


If you have a wireless signal, you can use your smartphone to videochat with anyone across the world. The facetime and skype apps have made it possible for you to see and talk to the ones you love, no matter where any of you might be. It has never been easier for you to connect with those you love when you’re far away from them.

Start Your Car

This comes in handy on days when the weather is extreme. When the weather is cold, you can start your car up from afar and get it nice and warm before you have to hop inside. When the seasons change and the outside temperature begins to climb, start your car and crank the air conditioning so that it feels better when you get in it. Even if the weather isn’t hot or cold, you can turn your car on and get it running, so that you can just sit down and start driving.

Go Swimming

I don’t recommend going swimming with a smartphone, but with some of the latest smartphones, like Sony’s Xperia Z, are able to go underwater for up to 30 minutes. Some of the older smartphones weren’t able to go under water for 30 seconds without suffering major damage, so if you like to spend time in the water, this phone is probably the one for you.

About Author: David Glenn is a home improvement expert. He occasionally freelance writes about home security and DIY home repair. He’s also knowledgeable about topics like how to improve social presence and building a reputation online.

Trollied – Trolleys are marvellous!

You probably have better things to do than read a blog post about trolleys. Maybe that paint drying over there is missing your affection or you need to check that your socks are paired up correctly. Any bet you’re hovering over the red ‘x’ at the top right of the screen – once again, poised to shun the trolleys practicality and wheeling fortune. It’s just another example of how we take advantage of the trolley.

Typical Trolleys

Just imagine its payday and you’re looking forward to stacking up your empty shelves with a vast array of food. The thought of moseying around your store and placing fresh merchandise into your trusty wagon – the wheels smoothly rotating and caressing the aisles as fluent as a silk river. You turn up to your store and what’s this? THERE ARE NO TROLLEYS. All of the other stores are shut; you take a look down at those good for nothing baskets and sigh. You are not an octopus.


There was a time when shopping trolleys or shopping carts were yet to be invented. It took the owner of a supermarket chain in Oklahoma City to invent the generous wheelers. He pondered how his customers could obtain more groceries in one swoop. So in his office he grabbed a folding wooden chair, implemented wheels onto the legs and applied a basket. Thus, the supermarket trolley was born.

Since then the trolley has come on leaps and bounds. They’ve got bigger, found homes within shelters and have even got compartments for coins to be inserted. Sure from time to time you’ll find an injured trolley amongst the pack, or the local trolley stealer will stalk trolleys at night in preparation for a rogue scrap dealer in the morning. But all in all, shoppers wouldn’t be without them.

Tactical Trolleys

A perfect platform for products isn’t where the trolley ends. In big and burly warehouses, tough, robust and extra manly trolleys can be found. Flat bed trolleys for distributing heavy loaded bulks or the L-shaped trolley (hand truck) that commonly has two wheels, it’s usually seen slipping underneath grateful passenger’s luggage at train stations and airports.

Trolleys have even become beautiful. Beauty trolleys for make-up are available for image savvy people to help store away cosmetics while they’re on the move. Trolleys also help save lives; the Gurney trolley is a wheeled stretcher that aids the manoeuvring of injured, poorly or life threatened patients. Elton John loves a trolley, the multi swivelling casters (wheels) on the Piano Dolly enables people to successfully move huge pianos into desired positions. Trolleys are marvellous!

Old people lap it up as well. Shopping trolleys displaying a gingham patterned interior are firm favourites amongst the elderly. Some of them even abuse the storage space by creating warm hubs for household pets to travel inside as they shop.

shopping Trolley

Trolleys are beneficial for the fast paced world that we live in. They allow us to carry things that are too heavy or that need protection. If a trolley could speak it would discuss its abuse, the way it’s climbed upon by unsettled children, left to wallow in a stagnant stream and how a faulty wheel wouldn’t discourage its use to a hungry banker.

Paul Simm is an observant writer who enjoys casting his eye over the minimal, obscure and generic.

Top Causes and Cures for Financial Headaches

Most of us are guilty of spending money irresponsibly at some point or another, whether it is ploughing it in to that dazzling fruit machine down at the local pub or whether it is blowing it on impulse buys when we head into town.

money thoughts

In this day and age, particularly in the current financial climate, it is vital for the average person to be far more responsible when it comes to spending. A few of the ways in which you can do this include:

Don’t spend more than you can afford

Trying to lead a champagne lifestyle on beer money is a recipe for financial disaster. Before you know it, you will have maxed out your credit cards, exceeded your overdraft, and wiped out any savings you may have had. It is vital that you only spend what you can afford and live within your means. This means no frivolous spending on items you don’t need, no impulse buys, and no splashing out on the credit card or other forms of finance when you run out of money in the bank. If it is already too late and you’ve already found yourself in a mess with credit cards and other forms of finance, make sure you speak to experts such as the counsellors at Consolidated Credit.

With these three simple tips, you could find that it is far easier to be responsible about how much you spend, which means that you can benefit from making your money stretch further.

Keep track of your spending

When you pay for things on your debit card and you also have various payments going out on direct debits or standing orders, it can be easy to lose track of what’s gone out of your account. This can lead to spending money that is not yours to spend, as it is earmarked for payments that are due out of your account. This, in turn, can result in hefty bank charges and a cycle of overspending and being charged. Keeping track of what is coming into and going out of your account means that you will always know what you have left to spend and can therefore manage your account and your finances more responsibly.

Switch and save

Many of us end up paying more than we need to on various services and products, such as insurance plans and utility bills. Remember, we live in a very competitive world and with a little research and effort you could find that you can shave a fair amount off the money you pay out each month by switching. Take time to regularly review things such as your gas, electricity, and car insurance plans and take a look to see whether you can cut the cost by switching to a better deal.

With these three simple tips, you could find that it is far easier to be responsible about how much you spend, which means that you can benefit from making your money stretch further.

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