Land Rover is taking its responsibility to the environment seriously. Emissions have been cut with new models and is spending millions on technology specifically aimed at reducing CO2 – to reduce its carbon footprint.

Given the environmental stink surrounding 4x4s at the moment, its nop surprise Land Rover is thinking small – see Top Gear article

Concerns of many Land Rover owners were voiced on Landy fan sites about the results returned when checking their emissions with Climate Cares emission calculator. Regular posts on the Landrover Forum complained that not only were their vehicles were failing MOT emission tests but as Land Rover Owners magazine reported began to feel they were fat becoming the easy target for environmental criticism – especially with the ever increasing appearance of Range Rovers (Chelsea tractors) on the high street.

Land Rover Knob LRXLand Rover have released a concept model in the LR X that is a 4× by 4 with CO2 emissions barely reaching 120g/km. The Land Rover LRX features a two litre turbo diesel/electric engine and lightweight parts that allow it to achieve an incredible 60 miles per gallon.

The LRX is not Land Rover’s first movement into the green market. The current Freelander diesel is already using stop/start technology that has reduced its CO2 emissions from 194 to 179g/km a saving of 10%

Land Rover has never built just ordinary cars and the LRX aims to satisfy those who will appreciate the smaller size and hugely improved economy but still require the versatility of a all terrain vehicle but keeping the cachet of the Land Rover name.

More details and specifications can be seen at this blog and  the official UK Land Rover site