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Cycling Safety

Top Banana Links to Guides about Cycling Safety

Cycling is an old pastime that is increasing popularity in modern times. While cycling is fun, healthy, and clean, you should always understand the potential risks when on the road, to ensure your journeys are as safe as possible.

There are three key areas to cover when talking about bicycle related safety. Your bicycle, the road, and etiquette while in larger groups, or with children. Also important, is what to do if you are involved in a cycling accident.

Even if you follow all the safety advice, you still might be part of an accident while cycling, so what happens then?

If the accident wasn’t your fault, you may be entitled to make a compensation claim for personal injury.

Find a Solicitor to Help

Not all solicitors are experts in personal injury claims, particularly those involving cyclists. Your local high street solicitor may not be best suited to represent you. Access Legal have a specialist team of solicitors who deal with cycling accident claims that can help you if you have an accident

Included in the guide is advice on general safety, stopping at junctions, riding among large vehicles, road positioning, and cycling with toddlers and older children.

Regardless of if you’re a hobby cyclist already, or if you’re completely inexperienced when it comes to cycling, you will find that the benefits of cycling can go a long way.

Not only is it enjoyable, but its healthy for you, and the environment. With roads in busy towns and cities becoming increasingly congested, it means that it can become a much quicker method of getting around then using your car.


Fight Global Warming – Climate Change Videos

global warming t-shirtThe next in our series of posts featuring the causes and effects of climate change looks at the important job of fighting global warming – one of the symptoms of climate change – by using video to spread the message.

Climate Change Videos

Supporting the calls for action a variety of videos have been produced that aim to make us think differently about climate change and global warming.

Check out the word on the street with this climate rap video and read how it is being tipped to be the surpass the Large Haldron Collider rap – a belting track although dubious “stars” dropping some partical physics.

As we have mentioned befor on Top Banana video is an ever more popular method of winning support – for both commercial and non profit causes. The Large Haldon Collider rap has to date has 4.3 million views – bringing science to the street.

A simple animation like this climate change video effectively illustrates how global warming  caused primarily by the massive carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels in the developed world is now causing dramatic effects on people who are least responsible – the world’s poor.

In the “western world” it is easy to brush off global warming as a bonus but when the terrible effects have taken their toll elsewhere it will have an impact here too.

Lets hope that more videos with stronger messages and information that will educate about global warming, climate change and the environment will drive us all to get invloved and take action.

Don’t be confused about climate change.

confusedA timely Top Banana article here from confused who too is joining in to make efforts to fight the war on global warming – climate change confusion which argues that global warming is directly attributeable to human activity and firmly emphasises the clearly humans have altered the face of this planet.

Throughout history we have engaged in catastrophic wars, extensive mining exploitation, agricultural projects and massive construction all of which have attacked  Earth and irreversibly altered her.

Although these actions cannot be undone there are things we can all do now to help fight climate change and prevent global warming.

Travellers are being encouraged to investigate ecotourism and find transport options that contribute less to climate change.

This site calculates cardon emissions that you are responsible for when flying around the world.  Curretnly £8.63 per tonne the price seems reasonable and more people should forsake a holiday cocktail and make this payment as a worthy charity donation.

The money is added to donations to support various projects that are focussed on relieving the suffering and causes of climate change

Alternatively a simple charity donation to one of the many leading organisations that are acting on climate change will be money well spent – an investment in the furure for all of us.

What isn’t helpful is supposed “important” figures denoucing energy saving and green messages as “insidious propoganda” as the backward thinking environmet minister of Northern Ireland, Sammy (dummy) Wilson claimed this week.

Climate Change – Time to Act

Climate Change – Coming to You Soon

climate change

Too often we at Top Banana concentrate on consumer goods. We strive to focus on items that add a certain value to the quality of our lives but a recent blog post we were sent reminded us of the escalating problems around the world due to rapid climate change.

Addressing the issues of climate change is clearly a job that we all should take s

eriously.  Indeed  Campaigner for Climate Change is listed as one of the safest jobs on this list of jobs to survive the recession.

Incoming US President Obama has put climate change at the top of his list of jobs and we too need to show support for any innitiatives that will raise awareness and get people involved in change.

Here we will attempt to persaude people to “stop doing jobs they dont like to buy stuff they dont need”- quote Tyler in Fight Club

What causes climate change?

The continued use of our planet’s natural resources for energy by burning coal, gas and oil all of which release huge amounts of carbon dioxide into the earth’s atmosphere at a rate that cannot be “recycled” by plants.  Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is one of several so called ‘greenhouse gasses’. The build up of excess carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses contributes to what is known as the greenhouse effect – where the heat from the sun is less able to float back into space and causes the planet to slowly, but surely warm up.

What are the effects of climate change

A warming planet such as earth with its vast polar ice-caps faces the danger of these colossal amounts of frozen water melting.  The increase in sea levels that will result threaten entire regions and communities with devastating floods – destroying homes, crops and spreading terrible climate related diseases.

Another effect of climate change is disruption of weather in areas that have little rainfall – ironically the weather patterns here tend to see even less precipitation – drought, crop failure and irreversible creation of deserts result.

See the effects in this climate change video animation.

What can we do to stop climate change?

Here’s the rub.  No one wants to give up on the dreams and aspriations they have been bombarded with throughout their lives.  New cars, frequent flights and energy greedy appliances ar enjoyed by many in the developed world and now will be eagerly sought by those in developing countries – ironically these are some of the most at risk place who will feel the devastating effects of climate change first and worst.

Whilst we should all continue to be educated to do our bit by reducing waste and saving energy  the latest thinking is to turn towards sustainable development which aims to meet human needs while preserving the environment so that these needs can be met in the presentand the future.

In the next article on climate change Top Banana will feature climatechangecorp that focuses on climate change for business.

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