You probably have better things to do than read a blog post about trolleys. Maybe that paint drying over there is missing your affection or you need to check that your socks are paired up correctly. Any bet you’re hovering over the red ‘x’ at the top right of the screen – once again, poised to shun the trolleys practicality and wheeling fortune. It’s just another example of how we take advantage of the trolley.

Typical Trolleys

Just imagine its payday and you’re looking forward to stacking up your empty shelves with a vast array of food. The thought of moseying around your store and placing fresh merchandise into your trusty wagon – the wheels smoothly rotating and caressing the aisles as fluent as a silk river. You turn up to your store and what’s this? THERE ARE NO TROLLEYS. All of the other stores are shut; you take a look down at those good for nothing baskets and sigh. You are not an octopus.


There was a time when shopping trolleys or shopping carts were yet to be invented. It took the owner of a supermarket chain in Oklahoma City to invent the generous wheelers. He pondered how his customers could obtain more groceries in one swoop. So in his office he grabbed a folding wooden chair, implemented wheels onto the legs and applied a basket. Thus, the supermarket trolley was born.

Since then the trolley has come on leaps and bounds. They’ve got bigger, found homes within shelters and have even got compartments for coins to be inserted. Sure from time to time you’ll find an injured trolley amongst the pack, or the local trolley stealer will stalk trolleys at night in preparation for a rogue scrap dealer in the morning. But all in all, shoppers wouldn’t be without them.

Tactical Trolleys

A perfect platform for products isn’t where the trolley ends. In big and burly warehouses, tough, robust and extra manly trolleys can be found. Flat bed trolleys for distributing heavy loaded bulks or the L-shaped trolley (hand truck) that commonly has two wheels, it’s usually seen slipping underneath grateful passenger’s luggage at train stations and airports.

Trolleys have even become beautiful. Beauty trolleys for make-up are available for image savvy people to help store away cosmetics while they’re on the move. Trolleys also help save lives; the Gurney trolley is a wheeled stretcher that aids the manoeuvring of injured, poorly or life threatened patients. Elton John loves a trolley, the multi swivelling casters (wheels) on the Piano Dolly enables people to successfully move huge pianos into desired positions. Trolleys are marvellous!

Old people lap it up as well. Shopping trolleys displaying a gingham patterned interior are firm favourites amongst the elderly. Some of them even abuse the storage space by creating warm hubs for household pets to travel inside as they shop.

shopping Trolley

Trolleys are beneficial for the fast paced world that we live in. They allow us to carry things that are too heavy or that need protection. If a trolley could speak it would discuss its abuse, the way it’s climbed upon by unsettled children, left to wallow in a stagnant stream and how a faulty wheel wouldn’t discourage its use to a hungry banker.

Paul Simm is an observant writer who enjoys casting his eye over the minimal, obscure and generic.