When you’re planning to purchase new bedroom furniture, there are some tips to keep in mind that are applicable to master bedrooms, guest bedrooms and kid’s bedrooms. The decorative aspects of each bedroom may differ in order to accommodate your personal style of decorating.

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General Tips

Before you begin shopping for bedroom furniture, determine your preferred furniture style. Measure the space you have carefully so that the pieces you select will fit well into that space. Exercise restraint when it comes to adding accent tables and chairs to the room. You want your master bedroom and guest room to be an attractive, relaxing space. You can not achieve this type of atmosphere if the room looks crowded or cluttered. Dual purpose furniture is beneficial in any bedroom. It can be an attractive addition, not a distraction in the design. Choose your bedroom furniture with size, style and functional in mind. You can bring in elements of your personality and design style with the bedroom accessories you select.

Choosing the Bed

Typically, the bed is the focal point of a bedroom. It can set the tone and style for the remainder of the decor. The bed in a master bedroom should be as large as your space allows so that it offers maximum comfort. A queen size bed would be nice in a guest room, but a standard bed is sufficient. A double bed is ideal for a child’s room. Depending on your specific situation, bunk beds or a loft bed might be a more appropriate option.

You want to be sure there is space for you to walk comfortably on either side of the bed. Small bedrooms may require that you omit a footboard in order for the bed to fit comfortably in the room. Platform beds are an excellent option for small bedrooms. Keep in mind how many other pieces of furniture you want to include in the room when you are deciding on the size and style of bed.

Storage Furniture for the Bedroom

The amount of closet space, or lack of, often plays a role in determining how much storage furniture you need in a bedroom. An armoire is especially useful in a bedroom with a small closet. A chest of drawers and dresser also provide a considerable amount of storage space. You can creatively gain additional storage space by including items such as a bench seat with storage, bedside tables that offer storage space or choosing a headboard with storage. A bench seat with storage can be used in a multi-purpose way by using it at the foot of the bed instead of adding a footboard.

Accent Furniture

A master bedroom or guest room looks more inviting, attractive and spacious if the room is not over-crowded with furniture. A spacious bedroom can accommodate a small sitting area with an accent table and chair. However, a small bedroom should be furnished in a minimalistic fashion so that it doesn’t look and feel congested. A child’s bedroom will function more efficiently if you choose a minimal number of dual purpose accent pieces so that you can leave an open area as a play space.