It’s no wonder that there is a worldwide movement to “leave no child inside”. Parent’s teachers as well as the society should ensure that children should have wonderful places to go outside where they can both play and learn.

We all are very much aware of the fact that outdoor plays enhance physical and mental strength. But are you aware of the fact that out door learning is also important as children can students can personally interact with much of what they are learning about. The outdoor learning is not confined to bookish knowledge; it can also be incorporated into art, English, math, science, and physical education. Students do not get bored reading books but they can relate their learning with practical knowledge. They can learn about natural environment, they will learn to make decisions that affect the use and management of natural resources.

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Perfect outdoor classroom

But it only happens when you take a deep breath and decides that it’s time to make a change. To create a play ground and learning environment it is necessary to create a perfect environment

  • Meet all safety and licensing standards
  • Should be appropriate for mental and physical development
  • Optimizes the use of every square inch of your outdoor space while being 100% ADA compliant.
  • Should be designed to reduce anxiety, create delightful interchanges, form lasting memories and improves overall well being.
  • Should be less expensive than traditional, manufactured, equipment playground.
  • Should be beautiful, indigenous, sustainable, wildlife attractive, green, and environmentally friendly with a very low carbon footprint.

Benefits of perfect outdoor learning space

  • Research says that learning outside develops our senses by touching things which aids kids to recognize things that are smooth, rough, furry, slimy, soft and hard; forces and motion. The outside learning helps to learn about the natural process such evaporation, condensation, form of water, habitats and monitoring things such as the amount of sunlight, water and temperatures needed to keep a plant alive.
  • It enhances the mathematical skills like counting, shape, measurement and many other concepts.
  • In terms of English reading, listening, writing, questioning, poetry and word choice all have the potential to be improved when learning in an outdoor environment.

So the bottom line is that outdoor environment plays a vital role in all round development of the children. For young children who are learning the basic knowledge are able to observe things outside gives a practical element to otherwise theoretical knowledge.

Schools that are planning to develop an outdoor learning space should plan before and think about their objectives. Outside learning nature a child naturally, so it is very much important to have a covered area where teachers can give their lessons out of the sun and rain. A covered outdoor learning space allows the students to carry out their task even in adverse weather condition. An outdoor shelter or classroom will provide a comfortable seated area where children can play, eat or take lessons protected from the worst of the weather.

This unique space need not to be elaborated. It can be as simple and sweet as young children where they have the opportunity to really expand their minds and reflect on the nature that exists right outside of their classroom.

Nancy Mathew is a teacher and is passionate about children and enjoys experimenting with various activities in both classroom and playground. She understands the importance of outdoor classroom and shares lot of information, tips and ideas on children’s development