Men’s underwear design has diversified in recent years as fashion has eliminated notions that style is a feminine-only territory. Yet, as men have trekked into the deep waters of personal style, so has there been a growing concern for what women think of the underwear men are taking to bed.


And why not? Your choice of men’s underwear sends an important message to the women you’re interested in. What you should be concerned with is what you’re saying, and how you can tweak your style so you can stay comfortable while maximizing appearance.

That’s why we’re bringing you a woman’s perspective.

What Do Women Really Think Of Your Underwear?


White may be the most versatile color, but that doesn’t mean you should wear white briefs. If you wear them in vibrant colors, they can complement your figure and give you a fun, boyish appearance. Just remember to pick up a few fresh pairs every few months; vibrant colors and black fade easily if you don’t properly do your laundry, and faded shades look cheap and dirty.

If you picked up a white pair, they can make you look like a grandpa, especially if they are loose-fitting. To avoid this, go for briefs that fit you snugly, lest you suffer from the dreaded baggy butt, and pick up a fresh pair of briefs when you lose weight to maintain that fitted look.


Laid back and airy, boxers are the symbol of a low-maintenance guy. Their loose fit says you put comfort over style. Just dodge a yawn by buying boxers with patterns. Just don’t wear themed boxers unless they suit a coming holiday; women want to go to bed with a mature man, and tacky Superman boxers only says you’re immature.

Boxer Briefs

Striking a good balance between boxers and briefs, boxer briefs are considered to be the choice of sensible guys for the way they provide the best of both worlds. Boxer briefs give you great coverage and support. They are also appropriate for a wide variety of different situations and easy to slip off.

However like briefs, they can sag and give you a slumped, old-man appearance. It’s best to keep to simple colors and patterns with boxer briefs; odd patterns and color schemes can confuse the eyes and take away from a very important fact: you are undressing.

When choosing this type of men’s underwear, steer away from long-legged boxer briefs. They can unflatteringly bunch up when you put on pants.

Thongs and Exotic Underwear

Less common than any of the above options is the men’s thong. Men who choose to wear sexy men’s thong underwear are considered to be either extremely adventurous in the bedroom or quirky guys that love to think outside the box.

This kind of underwear brings adventure to the bedroom and can excite women with its rare kinkiness. But beware: exotic underwear often has specific fits, and thongs require you keep things extra clean downtown. Men’s thongs can also be off-putting if you’re with a more conservative girl. Make sure when you’re wearing this kind of pair that the fit is perfect for your body and that you won’t be sweating profusely.

Whatever type of men’s underwear is your ultimate pick, there’s a lady out there who will love what it says about you. Take your time in finding a style that suits your body, in a color that suits the eye, in a size that suits your goods. Once you get a sense for what both looks and feels good on you, you won’t ever have to worry about making a bad impression when you’re at your most vulnerable.

Written by Kara, a freelance writer.