Are you in need of a good laugh? There are plenty of websites that can provide you with infinite opportunities to crack up at the funnier things in life. Here are some of the best sites you can visit whenever you need a pick-me-up or have some time to waste. is one of those website gems that once you discover it, you can’t stop clicking “next page.” posts pictures of hilarious English-language mistakes, most of which are found on signs, clothing, and elsewhere in Asian countries. From the bar called “Let’s Beer with Music!” in Japan to the Chinese restroom sign that reads “More than Toilet. Delicious & Happy,” each post is a treat. Posts are user-submitted, so the next time you see something Engrish-worthy, be sure to snap a picture so we can all enjoy it.


The small screens of smartphones can make typing difficult, but luckily we have autocorrect to help make things a little easier. In general, autocorrect fixes our simple mistakes so we don’t have to, but sometimes it gets things wrong – to the embarrassment of the sender and the pleasure of readers. The site shares those hilariously unfortunate autocorrect mistakes. Some examples include; “people are looking at me weird” that turned into “people are liking tame wiener,” and the guy who asks his date to tell me when she’s “rowdy,” instead of “ready.”

For those who find hilarity in the way English-speakers tend to misuse their own language, is a website you’ll appreciate. The “blog” of “unnecessary” quotation marks, as it’s called, presents pictures of signs in which quotation marks are unfairly abused. From the sign that is offering, “Free” pictures with “Santa,” to the Hospital for “Joint” Disorders, this site offers some quirky, offbeat humor. is a site that’s much like, as it offers photos of entertaining signs from all over the world – including English mistakes made in the U.S. by people who should definitely know better. Some examples include Fox News reporting that “Obama bin Laden is dead,” and an Asian sign on a chair that reads, “The old weak sick disable and pregnant only.”

Family photos don’t always come out perfectly, and this website lets everyone enjoy the embarrassing awkward family photos of people everywhere. Professional photos that are supposed to look artsy but end up looking ridiculous, endless sets of matching sweaters, and many more examples of those decades-old family photos you hoped would never see the light of day make this site one of the funniest places to explore online.

We all know that Walmart is a store that offers amazing savings and some of the best people-watching around, as its customers often exhibit a great deal of… eccentricity. is a great site that collects user-submitted, candid photographs of the hilarious, ridiculous, and frightening people found at their local Walmarts.

K. Chang is a contributor to and a provider of online Chinese lessons. Miss Chang lives in Taiwan