launched their first TV commercial in 2006 four years after the price comparison site was launched. Since the business launched, the price comparison market has developed considerably and the advertising team at have worked on their TV adverts to keep the brand fresh in the minds of TV viewers across the UK.

Between 2006 and 2010 the adverts ranged from cardboard cut-outs and customer testimonials to Chinese philosopher Confucius and customers confronted with luxury items they could have afforded if they had bought insurance at Confused. But in 2010 (the 7th November during an Xfactor ad break to be exact), Cara the new star of adverts made her big break.


Somebody to love 2010–2011

The ‘somebody to love’ advert features Cara and a large backing choir of animated confused customers singing a version of Queen’s anthem ‘somebody to love’.

As the first of Cara’s big TV adverts, the ad helped to introduce Cara into living rooms across the UK and start a chain of bright catchy animated ads that customers could associate with the brand.

Chain reaction 2011

Cara’s second outing saw her singing a rendition of the Diana Ross classic ‘chain reaction’.

Con – fused – dot – com 2011

With the tagline ‘you could save yourself a fortune!’ Cara was joined by all her friends to let everyone know about to the tune of a popular 70s disco anthem from the Village People – YMCA. Keeping the bright, colourful and upbeat theme of her previous outings, the ad from Cara aimed to let everyone know what is all about and what they can do for customers – ‘We’ll compare you a price, you can get a good deal, you can choose any brand you feel!’.

The Nectar points are on us! 2011

Well into her stride now, Cara was back to tell everyone about the latest offer from Having teamed up with Nectar to reward customers purchasing insurance through with Nectar points, the ad worked to spread the message that customers could by cheap car insurance and get 1,000 Nectar points. The first of the Nectar adverts, the advert helped to build an association with the and Nectar brands. and Nectar at the funfair 2012

In the second of’s Nectar ads, Cara and friends were heading to the funfair to promote the Nectar partnership. Picture coconut shy’s, bumper cars and raining Nectar points and you’ll be close to how the finished ad looked. new QuickQuote 2012

In her second outing of 2012, Cara was back to share the message of’s latest car insurance service. The QuickQuote shows Cara relaxing in a hot tub and showing how easy it is to get a quick and cheap insurance quote using her mobile. Calypso 2012

The calypso was Cara’s first foray into 3D and saw them heading to the beach to promote the on-going promotion between Nectar and

Good drivers could save 2012

In Cara’s most recent outing, the ad is used to promote rewarding good drivers through telematics technology. Using examples of good and bad driving, the ad aimed to promote drivers to consider a range of car insurance providers specialising in telematics.

Since her first outing in 2010, Cara has continued to act as the personality behind the brand. Love them or loathe them, there’s no denying that Cara’s adverts have instilled themselves in the public psyche and together with her many friends and catchy songs, the adverts have helped the brand to build and continue to promote the great money saving potential of using the price comparison site.

This article was written on behalf car insurance comparison site