Looking to hold an unusual breakfast, lunch or dinner for staff or friends? Top Banana was offered the following article about a company that is reaching new heights in fine dining.

Dinner in the Sky is mobile, moving from one city and country to another, giving people the opportunity to enjoy fine-cuisine by world-class chefs and experience the ultimate dining experience

The Table

Suspended at 50 metres above ground level the tables are securely fastened by a team of professionals who are the elite amongst their industry. Benji Fun, a partner in Dinner in the Sky, is the man that ensures the safety of clients and staff is always top priority. The table seats 22 people with three staff on board, Chef, waiter and entertainer. Those who suffer from a fear of heights could overcome their fear with a challenge to have dinner at Dinner in the Sky. The views are breathtaking, the safety is top priority and secure, while the entertainer is there to keep the mood lively and light.

Chefs & Celebrities

Dinner in the Sky can be held in any country and city from London and Europe to the States, so their frozen foods are transported by chilled distribution while all fresh ingredients are sourced from on the best suppliers the world over. Celebrities such as Prince Albert of Monaco have experienced Dinner in the Sky with his dinner catered by celebrity Dinner in the Sky Chefs such as Yannick Alleno of France. All of this unusual restaurant’s Chefs are highly-skilled in their trade and serve only the finest cuisine native to the country Dinner in the Sky is hanging around in.


Dinner in the Sky sessions are eight hours a time but this is a long time to be seated so the time may be broken up and personalised according to clients’ wishes. This event can be held anywhere providing there is a flat surface of approximately 500-square-metres that can provide a secure safety base for the crane. If requested by the client a second Dinner in the Sky crane may be utilised to provide full entertainment for diners. Hoisted up alongside the table another platform will have a band or whichever form of entertainment requested by clients. You, as the client, may request to have your Dinner in the Sky above an historic monument, hanging above a river, or in the middle of the city, as long as permission and the necessary is granted.

All Aboard

The crane, once it’s received by fresh refrigerated delivery, is hoisted into the air and Dinner in the sky is made in front of you. Savour the aromas and almost inconceivable experience while taking in the views and the fact that a world-renowned Chef is making dinner for you.

Dave Tucker is a keen blogger who enjoys writing on a variety of cool, creative activities and lifestyles – he’s quite fascinated by the idea of Dinner in the Sky and the kind of chilled distribution logistics it would involve – but even more intrigued by the mouthwatering menu!