Going to the cinema used to be a relatively straight forward experience. Now there is a lot of choice out there and the cinema experience has evolved into a top night out. Try some of the following for a guaranteed amazing experience of film.

Central London has many different cinemas to entice you. However, if you are looking for a central venue with a credible film choice then there can be no other than the Prince Charles cinema in Leicester Place. It is a very cost effective way to see a film – usual price are £6.50 a ticket. The film list ranges eclectically from Rocky to Sing-along-a-sound-of music. The classics are often shown here in genres such as the most violent films ever or the worst films ever. The cinema is not afraid of a subtitle and often shows subtitled films. It’s a great place to see a film as it is usually full of film geeks who enjoy a discussion after the film has ended.

The Rio cinema in Dalston is a hidden gem, lurking at the end of Dalston market on Kingsland Road. This cinema serves its community well and is a stickler for a foreign or well produced film. There is always an interesting menu of film and the cinema does not bow down to the conventions of the giant cinemas. Another first class venue to catch a cinematic treat.

The Curzon cinema in Soho is a true testament to the power of independent cinema. It has consistently shown films from many interesting genres and it has ignored the main stream for quality film experience. The Curzon group is a small but beautifully thought out group of cinemas that will entice avid filmgoers. The Soho branch boasts a rather cool bar and often hosts Q and A sessions with directors. Seeing a film in the West End of London really couldn’t get any better than this.

The Electric Cinema in Portobello Road is a fabulous venue. It has been restored to a dazzling standard, transporting the crowd back to the 1920’s. The interior is all art deco, including the cocktail bar at the side of the screen. You can forget about stale popcorn and flat soda, the Electric provides gourmet snacks from the adjacent restaurant upstairs. Miniature fish and chips, followed by a cone of bread and butter pudding is a treat worth indulging in. It is very possible to share a chilled bottle of wine whilst watching the film as the eating incorporates wine coolers. The bar is in the cinema itself, so no missing any of the film whilst ordering refreshments. The seating is worth mentioning – comfy leather armchairs, sofas and footstools galore.

Guest post from written by Elizabeth James who advises booking ahead to guarantee the seating of your choice and book a taxi online before you go – cabs are scarce at night.