When he’s not strutting around in his dog hair sweater Alistair Douglas spends his time sourcing the most unusual gifts for Find Me A Gift.

Fashion designers are always trying to outdo each other with crazy clothes. But instead of different cuts and patterns made from the same old boring materials what we all really want to see are jumpers made from dog hair!

Condom Dress


What can you do with the thousands of condoms that fail the rigorous quality control process? They’re pretty difficult to recycle and as there faulty anything else is out of the question.

Well Adriana Bertini, an artist from Brazil, used thousands of rejects to make a range of frocks for the Dress Up Against AIDS exhibition. It seems that a lot of these bold fashion statements are for a really good cause.

The only trouble is that from a distance they look a little bit like traditional floral dresses. You wouldn’t want to accidentally pick one out for your in-law’s summer barbecue would you?

Dog Hair Sweatshirts

It might be hard to believe, but people really do knit using dog hair. The most famous book about the craft is somewhat unoriginally called, ‘Knitting with Dog Hair’ but its subheading – ‘better a sweater from a dog you know than a sheep you will never meet’ is just brilliant and kind of true I guess. Where did I put that afghan hound?

Meat Dress

Lady Gaga has made a lot of bold fashion statements but the dress she wore to the MTV Awards in 2010 was a step too far to say the least! Apparently she wore it as a protest against the US Military’s treatments of homosexuals which is fair enough, but the link isn’t immediately obvious to me. Plus she managed to upset thousands of animal rights campaigners around the world.

I just feel sorry for whoever had to sit next to her. I bet it put them off steak for weeks!

Lettuce Lingerie

Using lettuce to make any kind of clothing is pretty weird, but using the leafy vegetable to cover your most intimate parts is just plain gross. Its main characteristic is its tendency to wilt, which hardly sounds very sexy to me!

I’m being a bit harsh as it actually featured in an advertising campaign to promote healthy eating and vegetarianism, which is a good cause. And when you take a look at the models in action you’ll see my initial preconceptions were all wrong. Lettuce is pretty sexy as it turns out!

White Chocolate Dress

Do dress designers ever use any normal materials? This dress looks a bit flawed to be. You’d have no problems standing up in it (as the dummy is demonstrating) and I reckon you could just about walk in it.

But you’ve got no chance of bending, so you should only put it on if you’re not planning on sitting down for a while.