On Tuesday, at 10 pm, the world’s most notable models took to the catwalk to show off Victoria’s Secret’s new looks. The audience was filled with industry professionals, celebrities and regular people who purchased the online concert ticket. Once again CBS aired the fashion show, taking a break from its regularly scheduled programming. Unlike CBS’s regular line-up of hard boiled crime dramas, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is decidedly sexy, with models strutting the runway in barely there fashions.

High Viewers

CBS drew in 11.5 million viewers last year, around the world. It’s easy to see that’s it’s not just about the half-naked models and more about the high viewership for the high-profile broadcasting company. Plus, CBS is catering to one of their sponsors, Victoria’s Secret, by playing their commercials during the break of their fashion show. Anyone planning to attend next year is urged to purchase an online concert ticket. CBS claims a large portion of their core audience is young women and it would be wrong to deny them the fashion show that blends together their favorite artists and their favorite fashions.

Popular Muscians

With the likes of Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars and Rihanna taking the stage, this year’s fashion extravaganza mixed the year’s most popular music with the coming year’s Victoria’s Secret fashion line. The blend of music and models created a show-stopping performance that kept audiences in their seat and glued to their televisions, just waiting to see what’s next.

Viewers were in for a treat, with sensational performances from Justine Beiber. Many would say that Beiber draws in a younger crowd and that Victoria’s Secret is a brand for adults, but VS’s PINK line is clearly aimed at much younger girls, as the brand is fun and youthful. Beiber sang during this performance, entertaining the models, the in-studio guests and the television audience alike.

The Models Love The Biebs

Early on, it became clear that more than just young girls are Beliebers, as models gushed over his presence and performance backstage. Some of the world’s most recognized models were star struck by Justin Beiber. The camera would pan to them, as they sang along to Beauty and the Beat. Their faces would turn red and more than one professed to being a Belieber. Justin Beiber is set to perform again in January. Those wishing to attend this concert are urged to purchase their online concert tickets early, in order to avoid the show selling out.

Some people make the absurd claim that CBS’s core audience is old. They wonder why a hip, young performance like the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show would broadcast on the network. CBS holds tight to the claim that their core audience isn’t old at all. In fact, they are very popular with young women and the staggering viewership to the world’s premier and most-viewed fashion show proves that.

Some would say Justin Beiber and other notable pop icons draw in the young crowds, while others will claim it’s the fashion and models that do it. Even more would say that blending fashion and pop music is a recipe for success. It certainly makes for an incredible evening, whether you’re lucky enough to be close to the stage or viewing from home. If you’re thinking about attending next year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show online concert ticket sales will be happening soon.

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