This fashion-packed celebration of style offered bold and exciting choices by the world’s top talents, both established and emerging.

Said to rank alongside New York, Paris and Milan, London Fashion Week has officially come to a close, but the exquisite styles on parade will doubtless keep tongues wagging for a good long while.

Jean-Pierre Braganza delivered sleek women’s suits with effortless looking lines. And Art Deco and The Great Gatsby also received a healthy nod in elegantly fluid dresses, as well.

Ashish brought out the Sun with electrifying colors, bold patterns and sequins galore! Some ensembles looked as if they were put together on a dare, yet the combinations of large floral and abstract patterns couldn’t help but bring a smile.

Nicole Farhi quotes “flowers, ice cream and lightness” to be the inspiration for her Spring/Summer 2012 collection, and jonquil yellows graced many of the pieces. Particular favorites made use of intricate cut-out flower patterns on frocks and tops, alike.

Matthew Williamson’s signature use of color was on fine display in washes of unexpected yet pleasing combinations. Japanese watercolors on silk come to mind. Designer Mary Katrantzou’s dresses and suits were also breathtaking celebrations of color, and resembled walking pieces of art.

Christopher Kane’s signature neon pieces took a backseat to more muted sage and gold brocade embellishments. Though his joyously rebellious flower garments were the real showstoppers.

Vassilisa’s “Birds Collection” depicted flowy dresses and scarves in shades of emerald, and were lovely expressions of femininity.

Peter Pilotto’s unique abstract patterned dresses were both frenzied and yet cosmically orderly, as if all that was needed was one more piece of data to solve the equation.

And when did Burberry get so sexy? Yes the tartans and coats were on display but the rest of the collection ranged from a peridot-colored keyhole dress to a multitude of very saucy stripes.

So what does this mean for everyday people like us? It looks as if we’re being invited to explore unique color pallets and to play with varied textures and surprising patterns. Femininity will be celebrated in abundance but gender-neutral items such as military apparel will soon be back on the racks as well. Another interesting trend will be in some men’s suits becoming more feminized, and women’s suits harkening back to old Hollywood glamour. One of the prevailing looks will also be bias-cut dresses and tops.

More than anything fashion is looking like less and less of an “us and them” mentality and more of a global style coming together to form a sumptuous feast for the senses. From Fall/Winter 2011 and on into the new year, there will be expansive uses of color and a treasure trove of texture-rich fabrics to choose from. All told, it’s a lovely time for fashion!

Guest post by Emma Bell who writes for Coupon Croc. Want a heads up on the latest ready-to-wear fashions? Check out ASOS.