Al Khobar is a large city, which is situated in the Eastern Province, on the Persian Gulf in Saudi Arabia. It began as a small fishing port, which was mostly inhabited by Al Dawasar tribe members. When oil was discovered in the 1930s, the small village was transformed into a major commercial centre and industrial port.

The tiny village has matured into a very scenic city, similar to Beirut in its classy parks, restaurants, and family friendly beaches. Al Khobar is known as a pleasant tourist destination due to its picturesque seaside location along the coast of the Arabian Sea and its beachside Corniche.

If you are visiting Al Khobar, there are many fun activities to enjoy in this city. Here are a few of the best attractions and activities available:

Rent an ATV

You can have a day full of fast-paced fun by renting an ATV at one of the local rental centers in the south of town. You can take these off road vehicles to the sand dunes and the beach and rocket through the sandy landscapes at high speed. Many of the ATV rental shops will not speak English, so take a companion with you who speaks Arabic and will help you reach a deal.

Lounge on the Beach

There are many beautiful beaches around Al Khobar, perfect for a day of swimming and relaxing in the sunshine. In particular, check out the area of coastline which is south of the city, known as “Half-Moon” Bay. These family friendly beaches have sitting areas, showers and much more. Camping is permitted on these beaches as well, so if you are planning a budget holiday in Al Khobar they could be a great place to stay. The water is shallow and warm and there are almost no tides or waves, making this beach a very child friendly place to swim. Remember to drink lots of water and wear sunscreen, as the sun in Saudi Arabia can be very intense.

Go Shopping

If you need a break from the desert heat, why not head inside to do some shopping at one of the excellent malls in Al Khobar? The two best shopping malls are the Rashid Mall and the Mall of Dhahran, and they offer many stores and large food halls with everything from the fast food brands you know and love to local Middle Eastern treats. Both of these malls also have amusement parks, making them a fun place to take the kids.

As an ideal base for your travels, Park Inn operates many perfectly located hotels in Saudi Arabia including their Park Inn Al Khobar Hotel. These are a few of the activities and attractions you can explore while travelling through beautiful Al Khobar. Go ahead and discover this Saudi Arabian city, and you will find that it has a lot to offer the curious traveler!