What to do if you have an accident at work.

Paul Morrison of Access Legal solicitors explains in this video how his team of solicitors at Access Legal can advise you on accidents at work.

From a legal perspective there are four things you should do if you have had an accident at work. First of all tell your employer and make sure that the accident is recorded in an accident report book. Secondly, check that the accident book entry is correct, and retain a copy if you can. The third thing is to obtain details of any witnesses that were there who can back up what you have to say about the accident should there be any dispute about what actually occurred. The fourth thing is to seek medical treatment so there is a record of the injury you sustained.

Many employees are concerned about bringing a claim against their employer as it may jeopardize their job. You should not be worried about this as there is employment legislation in place to protect you should you be unfairly dismissed. By law employers must have employers liability insurance so although you may have to initiate the claim against your employer, if your claim is successful, the compensation will actually be paid by those insurers. If your claim is successful you’ll be entitled to compensation for injury and any financial losses you have incurred, and any financial losses you are likely to incur in the future.

There are many types of accidents that can occur in the workplace, you can sustain injury lifting or manoeuvring something, something could fall on you or you could fall, you could be struck by a forklift truck, or you may slip, or you may trip. Read about a case where a warehouse worker injured his back whilst moving a crate

Your employer has an obligation to keep you and your workplace safe so you can carry you job correctly. This includes undertaking regular risk assessment to ensure the workplace is safe and any equipment you have to work with is also safe. Your employer is also obliged to provide you with regular training to make sure the job you do is safe.

You must remember if you are perusing a claim court proceeding have to be issued within three years of the accident. Should you not issue court proceedings within that three year period, your claim is then what is called statue barred, that means you cannot peruse that claim any further.

You shouldn’t delay in seeking advice as many investigations have to be undertaken in relation to the circumstances of the accident and then the gathering of evidence to confirm the injures you have sustained as a result of the accident, and any financial losses you have incurred.