Ho Ho Ho Christmas Time

The run up to Christmas now begins in earnest.  No sooner than Halloween and Bonfire night are over attention turns to Christmas.  High street shops begin to give more and more floor space to festive themed displays in Novemeber to satisfy the early Christmas shoppers trying to get ahead of the game.  Late nights and weekends see huge increases of customers and by Decemeber the crowds can become unbearable.  But there is a solution – shop online.

As a child some of my fondest memories are of the heaving shelves of Christmas goodies in Woolworths where many toys and games were out of the box and availale to for both kids and adults to play with making the whole shopping experience a little more bearable.

Sadly Woolworths no longer have high street stores in the UK but a search online for uncovered that they will fleetingly return to the high street to set the Guinness World Record for the largest ever game of pass the parcel.

Guinness World Record for the largest ever game of pass the parcel

By visiting the Woolworths Pass the Parcel site between the 1st and the 15th November 2010, families can nominate their town to be visited by Woolies’ loveable snowmen, Stan and Ollie Snow who will bring along with a giant parcel the size of a small car.

What a delightful idea and a great way to remind shoppers that they have a strong online presence – and like the high street shops the site has dedicated sections for Christmas gift ideas.

Woolworths are remembered by many as their local Toy Shop and as such the site has plenty of pages to guide you through popular toys and games.  The site still offers a wide range of household products, clothing and electrical goods.

Woolworths Top Toys 2010

This page offers the dream dozen toys which closely follows the Toy Retailers Association’s official top toys – many feature on a list of 12 affordable (ie, less than £100) bestsellers released by the Toy Retailers Association.

Here are a selection of this years top toys:

The dream dozen toys for Christmas include a new version of Monopoly, a video camera and a remote-control puppy.

However, the most sought-after, for boys at least, may yet turn out to be a yellow plastic Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS. The hand-held weapon unleashes a hail of 18 soft bullets from a machinegun-style ammunition clip.

A Lego airport and a grooming salon for battery-operated hamsters will also be among the must-have presents on children’s wish lists this year.