Spend Less Time Christmas Shopping

Many stores have their own festive departments stocked with decorations and gift ideas.  Online shopping is becoming more and more popular way to avoid the crowds and avoid the difficulties of lugging heavy bulky items home – for example Marks and Spencer have a dedicated Hampers Section on their website (these aren’t just christmas gift hampers – these are M&S Christmas hampers ) and will arrange for postage in time for pre-Christmas delivery.

There is a wide range of themes and items (and charges). All you need to do is pick out items that you would like to include in the hamper and the store does the rest.

The Top Banana team have decided this year to try to save money AND delight friends and family by putting together their own Christmas hampers as a gifts. It needn’t be expensive or time consuming and with some imagination, you can create the perfect, personalised hamper.

You don’t need an expensive wicker basket; you can customise a hatbox or old suitcase – charity shops often have an excellent range of containers for sale, so remember to pop into your local charity shops and see what they have on offer.

Pick things that fit a theme for someone you know well – hobbies and pastimes are really quite easy to find a varity of small gifts when you put your mind to it

Just a few carefully chosen items will be adequate – there is no point in gilding the lily. It is advisable to avoid fragile and breakable items as these can easily be damaged when the excited recipient begins to rummage around in the hamper.  Also think about the final weight – you may think that a selection of six wines and cheeses will be a great gift but will that make the gift difficult to lift and expensive to send?

Christams gift ideas for women

If you are creating a gift basket for a woman at Christmas it is generally agreed that, if your budget allows, this should include the more typical gifts she would hope for at Christmas – perfume and jewelery as well as sending a bouquet of fresh flowers seperately.  If you are confident it will be well recieved you might consider including some items of stylish lingerie and make-up but be warned – sexy santa costumes rarely fail to impress!

Wrap the gifts, pack some straw or coloured shredded paper around them, and add some festive ribbon and ivy to the handle for a Christmassy feel.

Yo ho ho!