Summer time is ideal for short breaks so here’s a top banana tip for the ladies:

I hope that your trip is to a lovely hotel in the countryside because that’s where I’d like to be taken. Or possibly Venice. But it’s not all about me.

The key is, as Girl Guides know, to be prepared.

We have to pack a small amount into a smaller bag, with none of the room for manoeuvre that the luggage of proper holidays affords us.

Rule No 1: always pack a presentable, nay, alluring set of luxury underwear. If you’re going away with a partner you might get lucky, and if you’re with a friend you might get lucky. (With a third party, I mean, not the friend. Unless you want to.) Learn from my mistakes: I once unexpectedly found myself in Florence with an astonishingly handsome man but no lingerie, so I had to buy it new in Prada – a far cry from my usual stylish underwear from Marks & Spencer! An expensive error.

The accepted wisdom seems to be that if you have limited wardrobe options you should maximise their mix’n’match potential. I’m not so sure, and not just because mix’n’match conjures up a vision of polyester separates. Better, surely, to plan what you’re going to wear each night and to hell with whether any of your latest new dresses could go with Saturday’s shoes.