Top Banana was a little uncertain when we read the head line “Top Dog Eater Wins By A Nose” – however on closer scrutiny it was a reports of a Hot Dog Eating contestno thanks I'd rather eat dog

Consider this:

People who sit down to Thanksgiving dinner, and then lament: “I wish everyone was eating as well as we are today, but they’re not”, are real kill-joys and wet blankets. This contest is not a sign of America’s immorality nor can it be interpreted as a sign of American wealth and excess. This contest is fun. It’s outrageous. And – yeah – Americans like to eat. (Top banana wishees to be eating a hot dog right now!)

Personally, TB loves seeing these guys and gals raise the bar each year. Competition – any competition – is good!

How about a starvation contest?

Who can go longest without food.