As for the clean diesel… is great – top banana in fact.

I have had several occasion when the car hire company I use offered mercedes diesels and presently own a 2010 VW  diesel car. It is wonderful. Great mileage and very reliable. Oil changes are every 10,000 miles and they are free for the first 30,000 miles. Mr Welsh’s comment about high pressure fuel systems leaves the impression they are complex and bad. Not so. It is called direct injection and is used on many gas and diesel car engines.

Technology in this case is a good thing. Look at the 2011 VW taurag (sp?) SUV with the 3.0 clean diesel. It is efficient, strong, and reliable. Search the car magazines for good information. The WSJ is the bible on business but their auto reporting and question answering is rather “high school”. They are after all journalists.

More and more auto buyers are choosing diesel powered cars in cases where there’s both a diesel and a gasoline version. For more information, see “Diesel Economics” which looks at this trend –