Tracking Vans

Trackers and vehicle driving monitors have been about for some time now white Van Man’s days may be numbered. A decade after the white van man myth was explored latest technology is set to put the record staight.

Every swerve, stamp on the brake pedal and acceleration over the speed limit can be monitored.

If the installation of these computer tracking devices is made the norm in all new vans the exact location, fuel usage record and even cornering speeds of individual drivers can be accessed instantly.

However what determines driving “style” will be the volume/drops/stops/distance/shift time relation. Most white van drivers are in a hurry to get round in a certain time dictated by the volume of deliveries they have and are expected to clear. Unless all commercial vans for sale are speed restricted (as are most 7 1/2Ton lorries), then drivers will drive at a speed they can get away with in order to do their round. Trackers can be used to locate where they are and note driving style, but drivers will still be expected to push as hard as they can. The “reckless hooligan”, aching to pass you, is partly a product of the firms/industries demands for productivity. The logo on the side may say “express”/ “rapid”, but not “slow/ considerate”, these are optional and expensive extras