It’s been a while since we talked about Spain on Top Banana and the recent air travel disruption caused by the icelandic volcano provoked a flurry of comment from epats and stranded holiday makers reminding us that we should not overlook the delights of Andalucia in Spain:

Living here on the non-Spanish costa as a golf tourist, escaping from our Scottish winter, does not mean that we are unaware of the fabulous Moorish heritage of the real Spain and the wonderful cities there in.

Video – Visit Spain

Seeing the real Spain is increasingly populat amongst package holidaymakers who have exhausted the attraction alond the Costa del Sol and are now driving into the Andalucian region of Spain.  Car Hire is a popular choice for confident travellers however public transport offers visitors plenty of cheap ways to visit the main towns and cities of the region.


No one who has been to Cordoba can be other than impressed by the historical sights of the Jewish quarter and its close proximity to the ancient Muslim area without wondering how these cultures existed in harmony all these centuries ago and question where we supposedly civilised nations lost the plot.

When the dust has settled there is no better time to visit Spain than during the next couple of months.