The 2008 London Plan to double the number of Gypsy sites in London reflects the idealistic priorities of the previous collectivist mayoral regime and urgently needs to be revised to incorporate realistic solutions to real world problems.

Jill Brown, a spokesperson for the London Gypsy Travel Unit, said that the London Plan would not provide enough sites for travellers.

She said that asking travellers to live in housing was like “asking a leopard to change its spots”.

“It is pikey culture and their history. They are victimised, prejudiced and bullied when they live on housing estates.”

A common question raised is – How about asking them to pay council tax etc.? Or any tax, come to that.

Lots of Travellers will be applying for these estates. The example shown looks really up-market I hope lots of families look at this opportunity as to what is actually on offer

UK Flights to be Screened?

Authorities are rumoured to be screening passenger details on flights to the UK from Gypsy strongholds in Europe and London politicians are expected to ask immigration staff at Heathrow, Stanstead and Gatwick (London’s primary airports) to verify passenger lists on all flights to London from Romania.

All well and good giving them more sites, but when are the authorities going to be robust in pursuing them for what they owe? Income tax would be a good starter. How many are paid full benefits despite driving around in white vans advertising block paving, facias boarding, tarmacing etc etc. There’s nothing wrong with an alternative or diverse life style, but there is when it’s based on deceit!