It took a while to figure out how to embed Vimeo Videos on – Vimeo FAIL to mention the simple technique but a search revealed it merely requires adding the fllowing to HTML – like

Which takes us nicely onto the subject of the fashion show video above.

Spring fashion shows are everywhere. Couture designers gather in  London, Paris and New York to reveal their creations to the world stage.  With a backdrop of mesmerising lighting effects and powerful sound tracks models face the audience to display lingerie and dresses in the hope that their designs will appear in boutiques around the world and possibly be picked up by the main high street clothing stores.

Reports that this summers dresses are already causing shockwaves -see Billy Badger’s light hearted comment to hot dresses and loose lingerie

Highlights in the fashion show here have to be the dazzling display of lingerie –  @~ 3 minutes in an arabian knights theme – all shimmery shakey wakey dancing style.

The split screen edit for 4:50 onwards is an excellent way to feature a range of short flouncy dresses giving the viewer an opportunity to see the full all round perspective of the clothing on show