A Banana running the 2010 London marathon?

Sadly not this year – places for the London Marathon were taken months ago but all is not lost – as a matter of fact, this post was inspired by the wise words of one blogger in particular who noted that the countdown clock is ticking for the London marathon. The website is geared to share opinions on all sorts of things, and this seems to have been an early priority. ShotgunBagsy.com looks to be a new venture worth keeping my beady banana eye on.

In the few hours of daylight that we’re getting lately, the heavens appear to remain open for business. As the wind snaps the scarf from around your neck and pulls your brolly inside out, it’s hard to imagine seeing summer ever again. Christmas has come and gone, the recession holds tight, and the rainy day fund is looking as busy as Woolworths.

We here at Top Banana like to indulge in as many positive activities as possible, which is why we’ve devised a few examples of “Things to do – Now with added feelgood factor.”

Top banana up coming charity events.

London Marathon

It’s easier than you might think to get involved although places in the London Marathon are snapped up within hours of release.  The only cost is effort, and each one of these charities will gladly accept any donation at any time. If helping those worse off than yourself isn’t enough to inspire you there are other benefits. Primarily: organisations like those above are a fantastic platform for raising money for something you’d likely never have the chance to do.

We’re not alone, either. There are countless people involved in organising; just drumming up interest in the first place is an ideal way to get the wheels turning. There’s no better way to convince yourself of an idea than sharing your enthusiasm with others.

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