The news that more property in Spain has been declared illegal has possibly ended the Spanish dream held by many UK residents – to sell up and leave the grey cold winter of Britain and head for year round sunshine on the Southern coast.

Many years ago Which Magazine advised people

..not to buy property in Spain until Spain dragged its antiquated land laws and procedure somewhere near at least the 20th century.

The problem has not gone away since and is now worse than ever.

The lure of frequent affordable flights, car hire Spain especially the highly competatitve car hire Malaga market –  gateway to the Andalucia and the developments along the Costa del Sol has seen British holidaymakers decide to up sticks and relocate to the Mediterranean – often sinking their life savings into new, expensive property that is later identified as having been built illegally.

Advice given in the Property sections of the Times suggests that UK property buyers should avoid any new builds or developments within a hundred miles along the coast from Malaga as they are likely to be most likely to be approached by the bulldozers and demolished in the coming years

It’s a bit of a generalisation to say “never ever purchase a new build or have your own house built in Spain”.

What they mean is in the small towns and villages in the sunspots. The rest of Spain is very different and no more dodgy than the UK.