Haiti Earthquake Urgent Disaster Relief

Before the devasting earthquake Hati was a country poor beyond belief, now words can’t even describe how they are going to survive this catastrophic earthquake.

Support for Haiti Earthquake Emergency

Let us hope Haitians are not let down because they have no oil and no (Islamic) terrorists. Will the big neighbour (the United States) take up the challenge of massive aid and at the same time ensure nation building as they are trying to do in other far away lands?

Lets hope aid help can get there as soon as possible and they can start to dig those poor people out.

There is usually aftershocks from earthquakes of this magnitude so maximum respect to those aid workers who are now risking their lives in an already dangerous place to save others.

Why does the media always focus on the body count in any natural disaster? Why can’t they just report on the horrific conditions and the horrendous needs when these things happen! It seems they just can’t be satisfied until they have a number of bodies to report!

God be with you all in Haiti whether you believe or not!

You can donate to haiti earthquake relief at Oxfam GB