Top Toys for Christmas 2009

Top Toys for Christmas

Following the launch of the official top toys for Christmas today, please see the list of top toys for Christmas 2009:

•           Bakugan Battle Pack

•           Ben 10 Alien Force Kevins DX Action Cruiser

•           GO GO Pets Hamsters

•           GX Racers Tightrope Terror

•           Vtech Kidizoom Multimedia Digital Camera – Blue

•           Hasbro Monopoly City 3D Board Game

•           Peppa Pig Princess Peppa’s palace

•           Sylvanian Families Caravan and family car

•           Transformers Movie 2 Voyagers Figures, Hasbro

With winter kicking in, and the shops already selling Christmas advent calendars and selection boxes, most of the big toy retailers have already revealed their predictions for the ‘top toys for Christmas 2009′.

You’ll find many duplicates across the various lists, so our guide aims to pick out some of the best and most exciting products on offer. It’s worth starting your Christmas shopping early for popular items, though: once a toy is included on one or more of these lists it is immediately in high demand, so you could be faced with empty shelves if you leave it too late.

As is the case every year, classic gifts such as Lego, board games and puzzles join innovative toys incorporating technical wizardry such as Animatronics. With the increas in availability of cheap mobile phones some parents are including pay as you go phones in their list of stocking fillers.

Boys’ toys

For boys aged five upwards, the Supreme Constructicon Devastator, based on one of the lead characters in 2009’s Transformers sequel film Revenge of the Fallen, stands almost four feet tall and comes with a hefty price tag . It is made up of six other vehicles: Scavenger, Longhaul, Scrapper, Rampage, Mixmaster and Hightower, and it features sounds of conversion, speech and lights. It’s pretty much guaranteed to impress most younger boys: its head can turn into a vortex, emulating the trailer scene from the film, and if you manage to get your hands on the Japanese version its face is painted red to match his on-screen appearance.

Girls’ toys

Animal-loving kids, particularly girls, will love the latest Animatronic toy animals. This year, Go Go Hamsters and FurReal Lulu My Cuddlin’ Kitty are emerging as the favourites. With Go Go Hamsters, you can create a whole hamster funhouse for Mr Pipsqueak, Num Nums, Chunk or Mr. Squiggles, all of whom can play in a ball or on a surfboard, or run on a wheel. Lulu My Cuddlin’ Kitty, more expensive than the Go Go Hamsters, is FurReal’s latest product following the success of their ‘Biscuit My Lovin Pup’ in 2008. Lulu is pretty clever: she relaxes and rolls over when you stroke her so you can tickle her tummy; she moves her eyes and ears; and she licks her paw to wash her face. Cute, cuddly and a lot less messy (and commitment) than a real pet.