Unusual Christmas Gift Ideas

Reading about the opulence of shopping trends in Novemeber and December it occured to us that there must be better ways of giving this Christmas.

We wrote back in June about unusual gift ideas for weddings and gave an example that a happy couple might be delighted to know that a goat has been given in their name to a community where it will make a big difference – not only for their big day but for a lifetime – of the goat obviously.

Charity Gifts – Generous Giving

Other ways to show human kind generosity is the ongoing support of charity and aid organisations – charity gifts are an excellent way to remind people of the true meaning of giving at Christmas and if chosend carefull charity Christmas cards also generate much needed income for these organisations to go about their important work.

But what about the Children?

We’ve got that covered too.  Yes it might seem harsh – indeed down right mean to offer a gift in their name – try explaning to a small child how our thoughtless actions have resulted in environmental disasters as a result of the effects of climate change resulting in widespread suffering and misery for people around the world – thye would simply not understand – even hard hitting tv ads like this act on co2 would fail to delight a young child who simply expects toys and games  at Christmas – not a discussion about the wonderful Copenhagen talks on blooming climate change.