Kenya Drought – East Africa Bakes

Reports of drought in East Africa coincide with the publishing of a 200 page daft agreement for climate change.

In Kenya the effects of climate change include a chronic lack of rainfall strengthening the grip the ever worsenening drought. In Kenya drought is no stranger but 2009 is set to be the driest for many many years affecting a huge area of land and millions of people – massive loss of livestock and failing crops are leading to a food shortage is fast approaching the announcement of famine in Kenya.

kenya drought lake

As the fingers of blame point toward global warming still the climate change deniers bleat that the planet is actually cooling – tell that to a herdsman watching his animals drop around him as a direct result of the drought and heat in Kenya.

Draft agreement being discussed ahead of December’s crucial Copenhagen summit is long, confusing and contradictory

Heres some contributions from the online readership of a proper UK newspaper.

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This represents nothing less than the complete failure of the imagination, determination and courage required to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Perhaps one ought not to be surprised and perhaps one is expected to understand that this “is how it is in the world of international negotiations” … but the people putting this document together, and the people who will decide the final text, have the fate of billions in their hands … and yet, who really believes that the lives and deaths of those billions are uppermost in their minds when they argue over the text?

The focus for the negotiators – as ever – is on securing the best deal for themselves and for “business” (the relentless droning on about “economic growth” in the text shows what these people really believe is important) – that is, those who have the financial muscle and power to lobby hardest and most aggressively to ensure that weath and their profits are not “adversely impacted” …

decision makers should see for themselves the effects of drought in Kenya perhaps and pull their fingers out.

Is this really the best that humanity can come up with? Do these people really represent the brightest and best minds that we can put forward to forge a response to this most profound and urgent of challenges?

Is this it?

Should have done better …