Watch out here they come again with Google Fast Flip.duff-beer-t-shirt

As a splendid way of pouring water on buring oil Google have successfully peed on the fireworks of those grumbling about online news content being free and proposing to start charging news

We like the following response that gave a refreshing new perspective to the newspaper business.

Newspapers like cheap TV will not be regenerated. As the content involved gets ever puerile so the audience drops off. You can change the logo, format, presentation or whatever but it does not disguise the lack of really interesting content. Try redeploying the PR legions into reporters and you are on the right track.

The Sky+ box has given us the means of skipping through the childish ads – even the BBC ones. I now pre-record the bulk of TV. For every hour of watch now programmes I merely impose a 22 minute delay .

Saturday paper prices, containing twice the ads are a tax upon the foolish.

Sunday newspapers should be reclassified as historypapers and contain three times the ads, attracting four times the price.

Monday papers are a waste of time – which reporters work on Sunday?

I suppose this is what we get for the explosion of Media Studies degrees.

Many poeple now take advantage of downloading news to view at their leisure on personal mobile devices.  For example a tube journey cna now be made tollerable by viewing news on saved to compact laptops and netbooks an indeed the latest ipod touch and of course the i-bloomin-Phone