Planning a Great Holiday

A selection of top banana tips for great holidays.

netbooks for travelThe web has plenty of resources to make planning where to go and what to do on holiday.

Specialist travel blogs can give you plenty of ideas of attractions to places to visit when you are on holiday.  Many of these sites give excellent information that will help you get more from your holiday and save you money – for example anyone planning to visit Britain will find this article about free tourist attractions in UK cities helpful – both as a guide to discovering  interesting attractions that are not always included in guidebooks and a way of making your money go further – we especially liked these tips which were featured on the Guardian’s I’ve been there Free things in Blackpool

But what about getting travel information and ideas whilst you are away?  Travellers are able to hook up to the internet and web access is generally very good in most places around the world.  With the arrival of improved computer technology netbooks are being developed that are perfect for browsing the web but small and light enough to carry in your pocket.  .

Cheap netbook computers are ideal for travel and prices continue to drop making them an affordable option.  More and more travellers are able to make the most of these netbook computers but sometimes there is no substitute for a good old guide book.

Holiday Travel Books

Save money on travel guides by looking in second hand bookshops – many travel guides are used once then given away to charity shops.  Although travel guides are updated regulary we find that the majority of information remains the same and some online retailers of second hand books go to the trouble of highlighting which edition the guide is so you can judge if you are getting up to date information.

Arrange holiday car hire in advance

If you know where you plan to visit it could be worth booking car hire in advance online.  Why waste time at your destination trying to find a car when you can arrange everything in advance and have a car waiting for you when you leave the airport arrivals hall. This year it is especially important to get your car hire sorted well before your holiday as there are lots of reports that there is will be a chronic shortage of cars in popluar locations.

Hunt around for car hire voucher codes and you can often save at least 10% – sometimes as much as 25% – just enter the promotional code when you make your booking and see the price drop before your very eyes.

Medical Insurance and First Aid Kits

The cost of getting well can be frightening in some parts of the world and full health cover is recommended when you buy travel insurance.  European countries have reciprical agreements and citizens can take advantage of this by carrying a free EICH health card which replaced the E111

For less serious incidents carrying a carefully stock first aid kit can be a time saving, economic way of dealing with minor hiccups.  The first aid kit should be packed with your destination in mind – insect sting relief, aftersun, lemsips as well as the usual plasters and bandages you find in the ready made first aid kits.