Oxfam and Marks & Spencer

Top Banana charity Oxfam have announced that their partnership with high street chain Marks and Spencer to encourage recyling of clothing has been a soaraway success.clothes exchange

Plans are now being made to extend the scheme whereby shoppers at M & S are “rewarded” with discounts on their purchases if they hand back unwanted clothing.

You may think that the unwanted clothing is sent to emergency areas around the world but it is more efficient and effective to sort the clothes and distribute them to the charity’s second hand clothes shops for sale thereby raising money that can be specifically targeted to help poor people around the world in the same way that giving a charity gift benefits those in most need.

Where will it all end?

Time was when you ordered a bed you’d actually pay extra to have your old bed taken away.  The extension of the recycling scheme is set to include soft furnishings, cushions and bedding but we can forsee further commitment extending to include furniture and appliances.  Many people simply buy a new bed because they have been misinformed / cleverly sold about the improved sleep that modern new beds offer but the incentive of cash back and the bed being sold to raise money for a charity that aims to reduce global poverty will at least mean the bed buying decision is made easier.

Rather than having to hire a van to remove and dispose of your unwanted furniture we think that the offer of the delivery van taking it away for a good cause is an absolutely top banana idea.