Charity Gifts that make a difference

In the first of our series featuring gift ideas – see charity flowers post we now consider the benefits of giving a gift that not only gives a proportion of the money you spend to a charity but actually sends a charity gift directly to people who need it most.

It is easy to confuse ethical gifts and charity gifts and we’d like to attempt to make a clear distiction.

An ethical gift can merely be something made with consideration to the impact on society or the environment. For example this poor selection of ethical gifts here are hardly set to change the world – organic wine, fairtrade chocolate and recycled stationery.  Undislosed amounts “may” be channeled back into community projects but with online shop names such as Ethical Superstore and the even more dubious Nigle’s Eco Store we feel that charity support could be better targeted.

Charity gifts are more specific in their purpose. For example Oxfam have an entire range of charity gifts that go directly to the people who need them most.  Gift ideas include goats, seeds, providing fresh water and building projects – many of these are associated with the devastating effects of global warming on poor people around the world.

Wedding Gift Lists for Charity

Innovative giving is encouraged – setting up a wedding gift list lets you ask guests to your wedding to choose a gift from the charity that will help releive suffering somewhere in the world.  Most popular gift is at first glance bizarre – goat – and on the wedding list of charity gifts you can even give a pair of goats – a happy couple for the happy couple.  In fact full Top Banana kudos for the way this gift is listed:

No ifs and no butts, a goat is a great gift. A locally-bought goat will give a family milk to drink, fertiliser for their crops, and kids to add to their herd. They’re a sound investment – no kidding!

A great way to explain the importance of what may be a confusing choice of gift whilst still bringing a smile of joy to visitors.

By giving farmers  help to adapt to the unreliable seasons – with special seeds that will grow in dry conditions, with irrigation systems, with new farming techniques these too will be a generous charity gift that really makes a difference.