For Men – How to Buy Sexy Lingerie

By former high street fashion and lingerie model and all round top banana Elena Price

Ok gentlemen, this is the difficult one. How do you choose the right lingerie for your wife or girlfriend? How can you find something that she will like and want to wear? To the average man in the street, buying lingerie is a potential minefield that they may not want to encounter, as getting it wrong may be disastrous for their relationship! However, if you do take the time to get it right, she’ll love you for it and you don’t have to visit a fashion acadamy  see Glamour magazine “Would you send a man to a  lingerie acadamy?” to learn the basics

If you’re willing to take a chance, let us take some of the mystery (and the pain) out of this process for you, with this guide to choosing the right lingerie for her:

Get her size right!

First things first, do your homework and make sure you know what her correct size is. Just taking a wild guess is simply not good enough and won’t endear you to your girlfriend.

Get into her undiesLingerie French Knickers

In order to get the right information, sneek a peek at her knickers and other underwear to check sizes, write them down and take it with you when you shop. This will avoid any embarrassment later when she tries the garments on. Make sure that you check the sizes of underwear that you know she wears – any knickers lying unused in the back of her underwear drawer is probably there for a reason.

Cunning tip – If you really do have to guess, go with a smaller size as she won’t be impressed if you over-estimate her size.

Consider her figure

Remember that your girlfriend will want to feel comfortable and sexy in the lingerie that you buy her. Different women like different aspects of their figures, and there will be some features that she will want to accentuate and some that she will want to disguise.

Pay attention to how she dresses and to her body shape. Try to buy something that accentuates her assets and plays down the aspects of her body that she is not as enthusiastic about showing off.

What colours does she like?

Take a look at the clothes that your girlfriend wears; is there a colour that she wears more frequently than others? What other colours does she wear it with? What is her favourite colour? Observe, remember and use these ideas to help you to choose sexy lingerie in the right shades.

More than sexy lingerie – accessorise, accessorise!

You can go the extra mile with some attention to detail. Yes, that’s right, accessorise! Try picking out a pair of matching high-heeled shoes or some jewellery to go with the lingerie that you’ve chosen. This will show your better half that you’ve taken the time to choose the details of an outfit that suits her.

Remember that you’re buying the lingerie for her – make sure that you choose something that she will like rather than simply choosing sexy lingerie that will make your day!

Buying Lingerie Online – A Man’s Dream Come True

The good news is that the days of having to feel uncomfortable as you wander around the lingerie department are long gone. Many online retailers have great lingerie ranges, so you can order online and have your gift delivered to your door.

The high quality images and videos allow you to fully appreciate the sexy lingerie before your buy it so you know exactly what your getting

So there you have it; a quick guide to buying lingerie for the special lady in your life. Remember to keep in mind what she likes, along with what will suit her and you should be able to find beautiful sexy lingerie that she will love without too much pain!