Motoring News – out with the old in with a new

In an attempt to curry favour with tht ebritish Public and more importantly keep the investments in the motor industy afloat the UK govenment have announced they are giving away thousands of pounds to anyone who scraps their olf (over 10 years) car and buys a new one.

Known as the car scrappage scheme it has already been dubbed the car crappage scheme with many car deallers failing to enter into the spirit of the give away.

After months of dwindleing bonuses the car salesmen appear to be employing every trick in the book to manipulate those looking to benefit from the scrappage scheme buy withdrawing the deal from models that people actually want.

More and more hype has been made about a so called car shortage this year at holiday hotspots – why – because the tight wad car hire companies have been holding back for manufactureres to be reduced to their knees and sell of stock at massive discount prices.

Another bewildering condition of the scrappage scheme is that it isn’t specifically aimed at the British Motor industry but is merrily frittering that fine contries tax payers cash faster than an MP’s crooked allowance claim.