Home Furniture – Dining Tables

by Elena Price

Few people are fortunate to have a seperate Dining Room in their home so here Top Banana takes a look at the problems of choosing furniture good enough to eat off – a dining table.

A dining table is the most important piece of furniture that you will buy for your dining room (or the part of the kitchen or living room in which you eat your meals), so it’s worth taking some time to work out exactly what type of table will suit your home, in terms of both practicality and style. Here are some hints and tips on finding a dining table which is the right size and shape for your family and home.

Size is important

The first thing that you’ll need to decide upon when looking for a new dining funriture is the size of table that you want. This will depend upon where you want to place your new dining table and the number of people that you want to be able to seat around it. It’s important to make sure that everyone will have enough room between them in order to be comfortable and that there is enough space around the table for them to be able to get up and sit down easily. Ideally, each place should be about 24 inches – 32 inches wide so that people don’t feel cramped, and your table should be about 80 inches from the nearest wall, unit or other piece of furniture.

Even if you only have a small family and aren’t likely to be cooking meals for a group of people, it’s worth considering whether or not anyone in your family is likely to use it for other purposes, such as studying or crafts activities. If so, you may need a larger table than you first thought.

If you don’t have much room but would like to invite guests to dinner occasionally, you might want to consider buying an extendable dining room table. However, make sure that you measure up carefully to ensure that the table will fit when it’s fully extended.

Got Wood?

Increasingly important these days is the choice of wood used to make your table. Whether you choose an oak dining table or cheaper pine furniture make sure it is form Forest Stewardship Council appproved sustainable sources,

Shape – Curvy or Straight

Dining room tables are available in a range of different shapes and, in order to find the right table for your home, you’ll need to consider how you are likely to use it, as well as what shape of table will fit in with the style and the other furniture in your home.

Rectangular dining tables, for example, look good if your dining room is fairly formal in style and are most suited to long rooms. Round dining tables are great for family homes, as the design makes it easy for everyone to talk to each other. They are most suitable for use in large rooms, but they can look good in alcove-type spaces.

However, make sure that your new dining room table’s shape will work with any other furniture in your room before making your decision. A good way of doing this is to cut out a template from paper and lay it on the floor, as this will enable you to envisage what your new table will look like, as well as seeing whether or not it would fit in different positions in your dining room.
Many retailers allow you to order furniture, including dining tables, online, which means that your new piece of furniture will be delivered directly to your door, which is particularly convenient when you are buying large items.