Continuing the Top Banana themes of helping the environment whilst pulling Britain out of recession we enjoyed reading this feature about choosing eco furniture, in particular beds. The main principle behind eco furniture is that the wood used is from a sustainable source – idealy Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved.

In some cases it can be argued that the use of oak to make furniture in the UK has environmental benefits – the distance that large heavy furniture like diniblockng tables and beds is transported is vastly reduced if the wooden furniture is made from UK oak and sold locally.

Using one of the many carbon calculators available online it is calculated that transortation of even small items of wooden furniture considerable add to the greenhouse gasses.

A larger piece of wooden furniture sucha s beds would clearly have even more detrimental effect on the environment and we are writing to furniture sellers to ask them to include information about the transportation of their goods and details about the sustainability of the wood used.

Can traditional woods such as oak, ash and beech be considered ecologically sound? They make beautiful beds but can you really sleep easy?

For more suggestions about where to buy eco furniture Top Banana suggests visiting forums such as tree hugger or Shiver me Timbers