Regualar readers of Top Banana will know just how important we consider videos top be and we have great pleasure in offering this link to a fantastic global warming video

The video uses gameplay footage from World of Warcraft and gives us a glimpse of a changing world – devastated by global warming.  The background sound is the relentlessly powerful and ironically upbeat ‘Around the World’ by Daft funk.

Droughts, floods and hurricanes may sound like the stuff of disaster films, but it could be the future for some if global warming has its way.

Leading disaster relief organisation Oxfam are calling for those who wish their voices to be heard to attned the London G20 Summit Put People First march and join the G20 rally on 28th march.

The rally hopes to firmly put the message across that immediate, life-saving support is a vital and beyond the headlines, call for more working on lots of ways to predict what’s coming next – and meet it head on.

Bloggers have been invited to lend their support – the Shelf added this opinion about the effect of climate change and over on the incredibily busy Gather community a post about the subject soon became a Hot Topic.

As well as the G20 summit in April there is plenty of opportunity to plan a campaign for the end of the year.

In December, world leaders will be meeting in Copenhagen to talk climate change. This is a massive opportunity. A chance to seal a deal that will give poor people a fighting chance. Radically reduced emissions and funds to help with the changes should do it.