global warming t-shirtThe next in our series of posts featuring the causes and effects of climate change looks at the important job of fighting global warming – one of the symptoms of climate change – by using video to spread the message.

Climate Change Videos

Supporting the calls for action a variety of videos have been produced that aim to make us think differently about climate change and global warming.

Check out the word on the street with this climate rap video and read how it is being tipped to be the surpass the Large Haldron Collider rap – a belting track although dubious “stars” dropping some partical physics.

As we have mentioned befor on Top Banana video is an ever more popular method of winning support – for both commercial and non profit causes. The Large Haldon Collider rap has to date has 4.3 million views – bringing science to the street.

A simple animation like this climate change video effectively illustrates how global warming  caused primarily by the massive carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels in the developed world is now causing dramatic effects on people who are least responsible – the world’s poor.

In the “western world” it is easy to brush off global warming as a bonus but when the terrible effects have taken their toll elsewhere it will have an impact here too.

Lets hope that more videos with stronger messages and information that will educate about global warming, climate change and the environment will drive us all to get invloved and take action.