confusedA timely Top Banana article here from confused who too is joining in to make efforts to fight the war on global warming – climate change confusion which argues that global warming is directly attributeable to human activity and firmly emphasises the clearly humans have altered the face of this planet.

Throughout history we have engaged in catastrophic wars, extensive mining exploitation, agricultural projects and massive construction all of which have attacked  Earth and irreversibly altered her.

Although these actions cannot be undone there are things we can all do now to help fight climate change and prevent global warming.

Travellers are being encouraged to investigate ecotourism and find transport options that contribute less to climate change.

This site calculates cardon emissions that you are responsible for when flying around the world.  Curretnly £8.63 per tonne the price seems reasonable and more people should forsake a holiday cocktail and make this payment as a worthy charity donation.

The money is added to donations to support various projects that are focussed on relieving the suffering and causes of climate change

Alternatively a simple charity donation to one of the many leading organisations that are acting on climate change will be money well spent – an investment in the furure for all of us.

What isn’t helpful is supposed “important” figures denoucing energy saving and green messages as “insidious propoganda” as the backward thinking environmet minister of Northern Ireland, Sammy (dummy) Wilson claimed this week.