Figures released this week confirm the country is now officially in recession, and it seems that saving the odd penny or two is a topic firmly on people’s minds. I suit of this Top Banana is giving you a quick and dirty run down of some top deals that are currently available, meaning you won’t have to cut every luxury in your life out just yet.

With January coming to a close it maybe time to reward yourself for tightening up those purse strings in the new year, and if you don’t have to spend a great deal in doing so, you can continue the saving well into February too.

There are only a few days left on this 2 for 1 offer at you have until Sunday Night to take advantage. Also not mentioned with this offer on many forums is the fact they are currently running 2 for 1 on all cocktails too, saving even more pennies should you wish to indulge even further.

Therefore leave you bottle at home on the shelf for this price and take advantage while you can.

As the housing market is being particularly hard hit the new trend for home owners finding themselves in negative equity is to stay put. Waiting for the housing market to recover in the future, (which it undoubtedly will at some point) means that you could be staying put for a good few years.

With news of this redecorating a home is the best way to give you that change that is needed, whilst remaining financially sound. To this end there are copious amounts of deals around the home furniture sector, one of the hardest hit in the current financial climate.

There has never been a better time to get that new bedroom furniture the other half has been nagging you for.

Lastly on our must have January deals round up is a treat for the children. With ‘pocket money’ toys expected to make it big in 2009, it seems that even the little ones will have to cut back on the amount they are spending. To that end why not treat them with a free trip to the cinema.

The following companies all offer large amounts of free tickets to publicise films prior to their official release. It is simple ho wit works, when preview screenings become available, you’ll receive a code in an email which you can use to redeem tickets on the relevant website.

Sign up at the following agencies.

* SeeFilmFirst.

* The Film Factory.

* Momentum

There you have it, treat you partner to a meal, your home to a furniture face lift, and children to a free night out without bursting the bank balance in Jan 2009.