Climate Change – Coming to You Soon

climate change

Too often we at Top Banana concentrate on consumer goods. We strive to focus on items that add a certain value to the quality of our lives but a recent blog post we were sent reminded us of the escalating problems around the world due to rapid climate change.

Addressing the issues of climate change is clearly a job that we all should take s

eriously.  Indeed  Campaigner for Climate Change is listed as one of the safest jobs on this list of jobs to survive the recession.

Incoming US President Obama has put climate change at the top of his list of jobs and we too need to show support for any innitiatives that will raise awareness and get people involved in change.

Here we will attempt to persaude people to “stop doing jobs they dont like to buy stuff they dont need”- quote Tyler in Fight Club

What causes climate change?

The continued use of our planet’s natural resources for energy by burning coal, gas and oil all of which release huge amounts of carbon dioxide into the earth’s atmosphere at a rate that cannot be “recycled” by plants.  Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is one of several so called ‘greenhouse gasses’. The build up of excess carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses contributes to what is known as the greenhouse effect – where the heat from the sun is less able to float back into space and causes the planet to slowly, but surely warm up.

What are the effects of climate change

A warming planet such as earth with its vast polar ice-caps faces the danger of these colossal amounts of frozen water melting.  The increase in sea levels that will result threaten entire regions and communities with devastating floods – destroying homes, crops and spreading terrible climate related diseases.

Another effect of climate change is disruption of weather in areas that have little rainfall – ironically the weather patterns here tend to see even less precipitation – drought, crop failure and irreversible creation of deserts result.

See the effects in this climate change video animation.

What can we do to stop climate change?

Here’s the rub.  No one wants to give up on the dreams and aspriations they have been bombarded with throughout their lives.  New cars, frequent flights and energy greedy appliances ar enjoyed by many in the developed world and now will be eagerly sought by those in developing countries – ironically these are some of the most at risk place who will feel the devastating effects of climate change first and worst.

Whilst we should all continue to be educated to do our bit by reducing waste and saving energy  the latest thinking is to turn towards sustainable development which aims to meet human needs while preserving the environment so that these needs can be met in the presentand the future.

In the next article on climate change Top Banana will feature climatechangecorp that focuses on climate change for business.