Welcome one and all to 2009 on Top Banana.

We left you last year with the grim news of massive redundancies and the prospect of further  job losses as the credit crunch continues to grind. We’re sorry to report that little has improved.  Although the Bank of England has again dropped interest rates there seems to be no respite for struggling businesses with daily news of closures and prolonged holidays.

The Banking System – Bananas

Few understand the decision by the Bank treasury to reduce interest rates to this incredible all time low. Rate cut after rate cut and still this isn’t passed on to the public whilst its t the public coffers that repeatedly are emptied to support the ailing corporate treasury and financial institutions.

Well bananas to the money men we say! Lets make the most of the paid holidays while you can.  Take the opportunity of cheap holidays and escape the misery of the UK and its grim financial state.  The credit problems are global but at least holiday destinations tend not to wallow in the downturn gloom – sunshine is free after all.

If you are planning a trip or holiday we can recommend this fact sheet for those with medical concerns who want to travel.  Blood pressure is one of the common issues for travellers and there’s some ideas for arranging travel insurance on  Moneysaving expert

Another top banana idea we picked up for those going on holiday and want to keep an eye on their blood pressure is to pick up a cheap home monitor from somewhere like Lloyds Pharmacy or online. A Lloyds blood pressure monitor only cost ten quid so no great loss if it gets lost or broken whilst away and you’ll be able to keep your valuable long term data stored on the regual machine you leave at home.