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Annoying Toys

Reading about this post about Most Annoying Toys 2008 the  McDonalds Cash Register stood out as more than simply annoying but downright insulting.  To think children will demand their parents buy this for Christmas then will endure the whole of the day listening to the incessant beeps that apparently are identical to the tills behind the Golden Arches.

This so called toy offers a very realistic beep sound and unbelievable “speaks” words from the menu – “Fries, Drink. Cheeseburger. Apple Pie …” how ghastly lets hope this one stays firmly in the states.

Even simple charade style games for children have had the electronic enhancements that are such joy to listen to. One of this years surprising top toys is Guess Who/ extra – complete with squarky digital voice.  Guess Who Extra comes with electronic sounds and a timer to add suspense!

Terry Turtle – a tourette talking turtle with a selection of swearing levels.  As you should know the Top banana team is family friendly so no expletives will be recorded here. Suffice it to say the potty mouthed terrapin will be sure to annoy the whole family within minutes of flicking its under shell switch.

An ideal annoying toy for Dad would be Sat Nag.   Although more a novelty than a toy, sat nag is a delightful in car nagging systems programmed by some of the best back seat drivers and passengers on the road.  With a range of sarcastic remarks and random observations this will quickly annoy most drivers.

And don’t forget pets love toys too.  Land Rover have now added pet toys that will cause your dog great annoyance.  What self respecting Pooch would want to be decked out in a  Land Rover collar on a Land Rover lead being called by a Land Rover whistle.

Can only Top banana this if the woofer is called “Rover”.