Previously we highlighted the frolics and fun to be had playing the ever so popular Wii Fit Game but there’s more to the Nintendo Wii than standing in front of your TV on a silly balance board leaning left and right as the wii fit game encourages you to do daft things whilst claiming to help you keep fit and healthy.

Now Nintendo have introduced their top selling Nintendo DS game Mari Kart to join the wii games available.  The game built for the Wii includes a small white steering wheel and the games package is mario kart + wii wheel a top banana name for a dumb product. Imagine the scene whole families twisting and turning accompanied by the irritating tweedle dee noises that many wii games include.

Why on earth would anyone want to cheat on these crazy wii games – but the truth is that there are many wii cheats resources out there so you can cut the “training” and get maximum points quickly.

A far better option in Top Banana’s opinion is the Wii Sports Pack which offers various sports and pass times to while away those long winter nights.

The Nintendo Wii is one of the worlds most popular gaming consoles. With new Wii games coming onto the market all the time we at Top banana would  like to know your opinion about the Nintendo Wii and the games available. Please add your comments about Nintend Wii below.