Previously we touched upon the question which is the best value portable music player – MP3 player or iPod.  Although the storage and features of the latest MP3 players continues to imporve the popularity of the iPod ensures it remains at the top of the charts for this years Christmas gifts, but even then the choice of models can leave you a little bewildered.

Now  we have found an absolutely Top Banana site that includes fabulous guides to help choose this years latest must have gifts –

Hints and Things has a concise guide to the four types of iPod so if you can understand the difference between the new nano and an iPod shuffle and decide if the 32GB ipod touch compares well with the Creative Zen Mp3 Player.

Its not just consumer electricals that Hints and Things offers helpful advice on – the garage section covers fuel saving tips, car insurance and we particulary liked the tips about car hire and the suggestion that we should begin to compare hire car companies well in advance rather than waiting until you arrive at a destination and pick up whatever is available from the airport car hire desk.

Following this advice one reader reported that they by booking the car hire well in advance the savings made covered the cost of fuel for the entire holiday.

The latest feature on the site includes a comprehensive guide to games consoles that will help those left behind by the computer games revolution get up to speed.  The guide covers both of the popular Nintendo gaming platforms – Wii and Nintendo DS along with advice about where to pick up cheap games and bargains online.

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