We’re pleased that students are regular visitors to Top Banana – imagine our surprise when the post about students choosing stethoscopes to begin medical school attracted a lot of visits from both students and medical professionals keen to pick up a top quality stethoscope for their studies and work.

Late October is half term and city centres are jam packed with parents and children filling their time shopping.  A quick survey shows that there is a significant number of families who would like to have completed their Christmas shopping during the half term holiday – thus avoiding the building crowds and diminishing stock level of “must have” gifts such as the latest ipods, laptops and in particular the Nintendo Wii console and the incredibly popular Wii Fit game.

Wii Fit - fantastic or foolish wii game?

For the past two years Nintendo have cleverly manipulated the games console market so that come Christmas the stock availability of Wii consoles has become headline news.  In 2008 the production of consoles has been sufficient to meet demand however the clever Nintendo marketing strategy has another trick up its sleeve.  Already Wii Fit fever is upon us with claims that it will out sell Grand Theft Auto.

In an attempt to assuage the demand savvy shoppers are trying to raise awareness of how wii fit is over rated by referring to a funny wii fit video posted on wii moneysaving expert that makes fun of those who choose to exercise to keep fit by playing wii games.

Top tip for those who want to avoid the frustration of tracking down wii fit nearer to Christmas and the unpleasant surprise of the cost when they actually find

Wii Fit – fantastic or foolish wii game?

wii fit in stock is to buy now.

Many high street shops wii sell out of wii fit games well before Christmas and the best prices can usually be found online. Bundles that offer the wii console, accessories, controllers and games are the best value so shop around and grab a top banana bargain.