We laughed when we read this article that suggested Land Rover were trying to make good news claiming they smelt of roses by improving fuel economy and lowering emissions but imagine our surprise in the Top Banana common room when we noticed this post that almost suggests the exhaust fumes are no more unpleasant than someone wearing too much cheap perfume

An article published on Free ads site that runs community pages for enthusiasts to share summarised the effect of the stop start technology that the Freelander is using however the subject has become an easy target for those opponents of off road vehicles to mock.

Our opinion is that any efforts by Land Rover to improve the ecological impact of its vehicles is welcome – those with even half a conscience will thin twice after considering the consumption and emission s of Land Rover‘s Range Rover when compared to a new Freelander

Granted it the Freelander is far from being a contender for Parkers top ten cheap cars to buy and run but in its class it is surely the most economical SUV on the market.

The balance between safety, comfort, prestige, economy and greenness is hard to find – lets face it all cars are serious polluters.  How much you care is a personal issue and as the mantra at Top banana goes – Do what you feel is right”